Sensual photos are a showcase for any underwear company. We meet the expectations to create beautiful photography with the best models. In the photo of the underwear, in addition to the perfect presentation of the product, it is equally important to choose a model with perfect proportions, build the appropriate scenography and use professional lighting. All this consists of a picture that perfectly presents the product and encourages you to buy it.

The most important thing for us is to expose the underwear and emphasize important details, such as fine lace or delicate clearances. We use a variety of light modifications that give a phenomenal effect and help create the desired style.

We offer:

  • organization of sessions from concept to retouch
  • professional team: models, makeup artist, hairdresser and stylist
  • build of imagined scenography for session
  • emphasize the product’s value and consistent style of the session
  • high detail, with underlining of the decor and lace and accurate color reproduction
  • professional high end retouch, consistent with current trends