Fashion Photography

We create professional studio and outdoor sessions for companies from the clothing industry. We produce catalogue photography and photo sessions for manufacturers and designers of clothing, underwear, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Most important for ust is attractive presentation of Your product.

In our realizations, we approach the subject of the session creatively and try to make each one unique. We take care of every detail, so every shot is the best. Our artistic visions are especially appreciated in image sessions, when we can let go of the imagination and move with the client to a completely different reality. We also love minimalistic and super modern photography accurate to trends.

With passion we combine artistry with modernity creating unique shots that delight in the game of lights and shadows.

We offer:

  • organization of sessions from concept to retouch
  • outdoor and studio sessions
  • professional team: models, makeup artist, hairdresser and stylist
  • build of imagined scenography for session
  • emphasize the product’s value and consistent style of the session
  • high detail and accurate color reproduction
  • professional high end retouch, consistent with current trends