Beauty photography is one of most often used in whole commercy world. Beautiful model presents most dreamlike make-ups, fantasy hair do`s and phenomenal type of beauty. A scene like this, photographed by a professional person is often a decoration of beauty salons, but what is more important, it is a photography for covers of magazines, best beauty products commerials, jewelry presentation and more.

The secret of best beauty photos is not only a model`s face. Most important is photographer`s knowledge, perfectly used light and hours of high end retouch – all of this combines into fantastic photo which attracts Your attenction and stays in Your mind for long.

We do: artistic editorials for makeup artists and hairdressers magazines, photography for products catalogue, commercials for beauty products and beauty companies.

We pay attention to each detail. Professional light, team and consistent style guarentees best results on photographs.

We offer:

  • help at chooseing best style for each photography session
  • attractive presentation of each product (also makeup, hair, skin)
  • professional team: Makeup artist, Hairdresser, Stylist
  • consistent style of photos
  • creative use of a theme we get
  • professional high end retouch, consistent with current trends